The Nijimusha Casefile

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During my days at film school, I'd have a flick through my books I had to see if anything would spark in my mind. Some days I would learn about the habits of the greats like Kubrick or Spielberg while other days I'd learn about the conspiracy theories that surround those on the indie scene. However, I saw a rather interesting name within the books and on the early days of the internet. That, my dear audience, is the film maker Nagito Nijimusha. A really, really obscure name in every document and record I came across.

According to what I could dig up, Nagito was considered esoteric even among his fellow film makers. He had minor credit in other films but was otherwise quiet in the entire film industry over in Japan. His peers described him as "strange" or "abnormal" cause he was challenging the directors about camera shots or with the people behind the scenes about how to act during the shoot. What is noteworthy is that they could see what he was on about but it was strange cause they couldn't grasp it.

That's from official interviews and documentaries that talk about the guy. The reason I bring this up is a video that popped up on youtube talking about the very same Nagito Nijimusha that I described above. Which got me thinking to where did this guy go? What happened to him? Well, to answer that question I dug into what I could find about the guy.

In 1983, Nijimusha applied for a film grant with his local film college to make a film about villages that haven't really been placed on maps. This grant was gifted to him but it was only enough money to get him a good enough camera, film for the camera, and a trip to get to and from where he needed to go. Nagito took this opportunity to go and explore the nearby island known as Kutsojima, more specifically the Meshima islet.

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